Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Subject of Spam

lusty assassinate

cylindric hifalutin migratory

german barrette delirious cytolysis

This is just a sampling of the 900 emails in my bulk file today. Why can’t anti-spam programs just reject any subject line that is illogical? I mean really, a German barrette that is giddily dissolving a cell? When does that ever happen and why would I be interested?

If you ever need a laugh, read through some of your trash email subjects. You know, the ones that promise bigger appendages (I really don’t need a “b1gger pen1s”) or that you’ll meet a sexy large single in your area.

My favorite~
Sender: Dorita
Subject: RE: in my toilet

I most certainly did not send out an email about anything in my toilet. On second thought, maybe my husband did!

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