Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lucky Number 13

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. How did we celebrate such a momentous milestone you ask?
By dining at Mickey D’s, of course.
Such is the way for two people who are too tired (or lazy) to make reservations or call a babysitter.
Please don’t feel bad; it’s not likely that I’ll soon be announcing a divorce on the grounds that McDonald’s is my husband’s favorite eating establishment. And I don’t envy lovebirds like Jules at Mildly Melancholy who is happily celebrating 6 months of coupledom. It’s just that my husband and I have learned a few things about each other in our 18+ years together. One of those things is that we don’t always have our best moments on the dates marked on the kitchen calendar.
We buy each other gifts when we see something special, something we just know the other would love and we don’t wait for a birthday or anniversary to give it. We plan weekend getaways or weeklong cruises because we’d like some time away, not just because the wedding reception hall was open on that date.
I prefer to think that we had our anniversary dinner two weeks ago, after Back to School night. We were already paying for a sitter, so we stopped for a nice dinner and a glass of wine (for me!) and we had a really nice time.

Happy (Un)Anniversary Old Man!