Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring Break

So much has been happening these last few weeks. Where should I start?

I had my final supervisor observation. High marks all around. Now I just have to stop procrastinating and finish my management and unit plan.

I just finished my third week of teaching full time. Definitely the best part of the whole student teaching thing! I've had to do so much work though.
I put together a small school store to coincide with the money lessons in math. Each student started with a 50 cent "nest egg" and earned money throughout the week for good deeds or some lost money for bad behavior. We made the nests out of milk cartons covered with tufts of brown tissue paper. We filled them with Easter grass and added a large plastic egg. We used play money and each student was encouraged to save money to build up their nest egg.
I've also taught during the school book fair, a technology exposition, class pictures, and the Easter holiday.

Thank goodness for Easter vacation!

Thanks also go out to Melissa Mae and her husband David for faithfully reading my boring blog. And thanks to the reflective teacher for the graduation congrats! See their links on the left.