Sunday, February 19, 2006

Do I have to get a job?

Well, I am finally down to short (1 page) lesson plans for math and science. Life is getting much easier!
My next hurdle is this electronic portfolio that showcases all of my teaching work to date. It is easily put together on this Task stream website that we need to subscribe to, but I just don’t know where to start!
I hate being assigned something that is completely new and unfamiliar. Without even a sample to look at, I am just staring at a blank screen and I need to sell myself and my ability to plan meaningful instruction in 300-500 words! That, by the way, is only part one of ten.
I wish that I could just focus on my student teaching and creating good lessons.
Well, I guess I should get back to work. Thank you Presidents Washington and Lincoln for an extra day this weekend. I need it!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Free Fun Fonts

This is one for all my scrapbook friends out there and some teachers may be interested, too. Click here for a really cool site that has downloadable font templates from movie titles, TV, games, cars, and even candy.

The Price is Right font has inspired me to develop a game for my math (money) lesson plans. And don’t miss the Jeopardy or Survivor lettering!
There are even band logos for all my concert pages. I’ll finally be able to scrap those concert tickets. I’m going to do a family page with the Brady Bunch font, too.

But, I’m still trying to think of a way to use the PEZ font. Stay tuned.